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Before starting to dig, know what's underground!

Electric power lines, natural gas pipelines, communications lines, and other utility services could be within a few feet of the surface. For homeowners, excavating in your yard poses some risk. Digging into an underground electric line can cause power outages and personal injury from shock or electrocution.

A damaged gas pipeline or service to a house can create an explosion hazard that potentially endangers both persons and property. These underground facilities are not always located out in the street. So whether you are grading, installing sprinklers, or planting a tree, Precision Post insists you to make the call.


Call Before You Dig

Give us at least 4 business days notice

Are you installing a fence, landscaping or digging a garden? Renovating or building an addition to your home? Excavating for a new porch or swimming pool?

Digging in the wrong spot could damage the underground network of gas and water pipes, telephone lines, television and electricity cables. This could cut off service not just to your home, but to the entire neighbourhood. For free locating service, call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 at least 4 days before you plan to begin digging.

It's the law to call

Homeowners and their contractors are required by law to ascertain the location of buried natural gas pipes before breaking ground. Don't take a chance.

Damages to a utility line caused by careless digging could result in some charges to you. Anyone who damages natural gas pipes is liable for at least the cost of repairs.

Free locating service

Ontario One Call will take information about your planned digging and communicate it to Enbridge Gas Distribution and other to members who have buried pipes or facilities in your area. Member utilities will then contact you and, if necessary, arrange to send a locator to identify and mark the location of their buried facilities.

Call anytime 7 days a week and 24 hours a day at least four working days in advance, 1-800-400-2255.

We require clearance from all underground utilities including telephone, cable, hydro and gas.  Copies of all clearance forms must be forwarded to us by fax or mail prior to booking a site visit. You must contact Ontario One Call at 905-709-1717 to request a utility check for your property. They may not check all utilities listed above. Check your bills for the call-before-you-dig numbers that Ontario One Call does not cover.